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The 4 Best Tips for Maximizing Checking Account Bonuses

A checking account bonus is just one of the ways that you might be able to get more value with a checking account. Many companies have started to offer checking account bonuses to entice more people to open accounts with their specific bank. If you know how to take advantage of these bonuses, you can end up with a truly surprising amount of extra cash. Here are four ways to maximize your checking account bonuses.

1. Know the Requirements Before You Apply

First and foremost, you need to know the requirements of checking account bonuses before you apply. Before you apply to any new account promising a large bonus, do yourself a favor and read the fine-print terms and conditions. Not only will this fill you in when it comes to exceptions and exemptions, but it will also give you exactly what you need to do so that you can qualify for the checking account bonus.

2. Find the Right Checking Account and Checking Account Bonus

Not every checking account is going to be the right checking account for everyone. The truth is, there’s no “best checking account” – that’s why there are so many of them, after all. However, there is likely a “best checking account” for your specific needs. You can check for lists of checking account bonus offers to get more information on the different bonus opportunities, as well as the requirements for each one, so you can make an informed decision about which one you want to choose.

3. Match Up Monthly Fees and Bonuses

When you’re considering a new checking account bonus, you need to think about how the monthly fee may play into your bonus. For example, if your account has a $200 introductory bonus, but it also has a $10 monthly fee that you can’t waive, you’ll only have $80 of the monthly fee available at the end of the year. The best option is to look for ways to waive the monthly fee and to look for accounts that don’t have one at all.

4. Check How Long You Need to Keep the Account Open

Many checking accounts have a minimum amount of time that you have to keep your checking account open for. If you don’t keep the account open for at least that long, you may actually forfeit the bonus altogether. Check to see whether there’s a minimum time that you need to keep your account open for, and make sure you note that amount of time on your calendar.


A checking account bonus can definitely be a great tool for your finances. Many people use checking account bonuses as a great way to save extra money over time, and when you combine them with other bonuses, they can be immensely effective. These four tips are some of the best ways for you to make sure you receive account bonuses and to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money with them.

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