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    As you can tell, I am a big lover of finance and all that. Everyday, I learn more about finance than the next person does. What interests me more that finance is what you have to say. Do you want to know how to manage your money? Do you want to know if you are pre-approved for a credit card? Then please, use the contact form below to find out more.

    I do like to hear from you. Feedback is always good for us bloggers because it can always increase our interest in blogging for you guys. Giving me your feedback can always benefit me as I can make it better after every bit of feedback I get.

    Technical problems always happen with blog sites and that’s it’s up to you to tell use when there is an issue with my site. If you do tell me, I can sort it out as soon as I can.

    I am open to accepting guest posts from you. I like to read other people’s advice and tips on finance and how they go about situations. If you feel like you can influence my readers, then please let us know and use the contact form below to submit a guest post. However, I do have some guidelines I would like you to follow:

    • All guest posts that you submit have to be 500 words or longer
    • All guest posts have to be true because I will check them before I publish them
    • The facts that you put in must be true and the opinions you may put in must be you own
    • Content should should match what is on Mony Apps so it all makes sense

    If you want a better idea of the kind of content that we welcome here, there’s a list of suggested topics below:

    • Budgeting
    • Investments
    • ISAs
    • Loans
    • Debt
    • Banking
    • Business finance
    • Finance law
    • Money management
    • Finance careers
    • Stock exchange
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Foreign exchange rates