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About Me

After reading the valuable information present on this blog, you might be curious to know about the author. I want to present myself as an avid lover of finance and the tremendous possibilities it comes with. My whole life journey has been a story of knowing more and more about the financial sector.  I’ve dedicated years in hovering through books and researches to know more and more of what wealth is for humans.

With time I became more curious about what new entrepreneurs have been reading and writing over the internet.  No wonder there is a new lot of businessmen who are trying hard to keep up with the fast-paced consumer demands.  I was excited to read and comprehend whatever knowledge they were sharing with the world. To my surprise, I could not find any substantial information across the digital platform.

Although there were thousands of portals for people who want to know something about the financial sector yet not even a single one of them could match the accountability of the books that I read in my college days.  It was clear that people had really low expectations from the internet and were not looking for something serious. In an opposite case website, owners would have been pressurized to provide quality content.

But, eventually, I realized that my theory was basically incorrect.  I had the chance to meet and greet a lot of students and aspiring entrepreneurs who were fed of what was being served over the internet. They were in need of meaningful information which was only limited to certain lucky individuals. People who were being guided by the best of the teachers were paying a hefty price which was not possible for those coming from humble backgrounds.

I went ahead and explored almost all the top web pages that served financial information just to know that they were carrying out paid plans for sharing their information. Disappointed and discouraged by my findings I went on to teach anyone who could take out time for my classes.  Within months I was educating more than 100 individuals coming from all walks of life.

Soon, I realized that there were many individuals who were not able to take my classes due to geographical limitations. It was then when the idea of a website dawned upon me.  I was left with the task of creating the most genuine and authentic information portal that provided quality education in the simplest methods.

Deep down I knew that my website would be host to people who are not aware of business terms.  These people came to know about finance and its best possible usage for their respective personal growth. It was a hectic task to read the matter of every high rated website and discover its loopholes.  Somehow, with the help of a few of my students, I was able to diagnose the problems people had with the existing web portals.

After knowing about the shortcomings, I went on to develop my content according to my goals. Although, it was hard, yet I finally came up with something substantial. Little did I know that the struggles had only begun as my readers were finding it hard to understand my points without real-world examples? Again, I was standing at a crossroad and did not know my way towards a better website.

My old friend from Boston University came to the rescue as he advised me to meet field professionals for including real-world examples on my website.  The thought changed my attitude as I understood the importance of team effort.

The very next morning I made some appointments and went on to interact with every market expert I could. Those meetings gave me a wider perspective of the market conditions, and suddenly I Knew the secret for my masterpiece.

It took me another three months to include practical aspects of my content that changed the way readers looked at my website. They were now able to relate to my content, and my website hits reached new heights.

I cannot thank enough all the people who have been part of my journey.  I am eager to know more from you and make changes according to your needs and changes in market conditions.